Okanagan Steel Fabrication and Welding Services

In addition to building fireplaces and specialty stoves, we are one of the Okanagan’s premier steel fabricators. We’ve been serving customers for over 44 years, and our facility can handle steelwork and welding for any size of project.

Contact us for:

  • Skid plates for trucks
  • Aluminum Boat repairs
  • Structural steel
  • Custom brackets and T-plates for house framing
  • Railings
  • Fireplace grates
  • We manufacture plows for quads
  • Build and repair farming flaying mowers and forklifts
  • Municipal sweeper and vacuum truck repairs
  • Manhole lids
  • Repair bay doors
  • Autobody welding
Metal welder working

Customers can drop off their machinery at our shop in Summerland.

Contact Northern Fireplace Ltd. to get your project started.

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